2016 Legend Class

This will also be invite only but will be judged. To enter in this class you will need to submit a portfolio of pictures and mods to [email protected] . We will choose a group of cars from these portfolios to represent our Legends class at Dustoff.

This class is NOT about the shiniest / newest car. We are looking for cars that have been built, follow a theme, and showcase the owners pride in their car.

If you are chosen to be a part of this class you will be judged with your class mates. A single winner will be chosen and will be our first Legend. We will have a trophy engraved with your name and year that will be added to every year. Trophy is yet to be designed. You will also receive a plaque to take home.

We are very excited to debut this class and look forward to seeing what you guys have in store for May 1st. Of course, any questions please post them here so all can see it answered.