Show Classes

Judging Criteria

There will be awards for both a winner & runner up in each show class. Checkout our complete lineup of Show Classes below:

MK7 Volkswagen
MK6 Volkswagen
MK5 Volkswagen
MK4 Volkswagen
MK3 Volkswagen
MK2 Volkswagen
MK1 Volkswagen/Caddy

.:R Class (mk4 R32, mk5 R32, and all years Golf R)

Convertible Class (Eos/Rabbit/Cabby)


New Beetle (98+ includes convertible)

VW Other – Fox/Dasher/Passat/Tiguan (B3-B4)

Passat (B5-B5.5)
Passat (B6-B7-B8)/CC

Audi (B5 – B6)
Audi (B7 – B8+)
Audi Other